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The meaning of Protea Flowers


Protea flowers are among the oldest flowers, and date back to prehistoric times, 300 million years ago. These beautiful flowers are native to the southern hemisphere, particularly Australia and South Africa.

The name Protea comes from Greek mythology, after Poseidon’s son Proteus, a sea god who was able to shape change. Over the years, Protea flowers have come to represent transformation, courage and diversity. The King Protea, the largest in the Protea flower family is the National flower of South Africa, and is a symbol of continuous change and gradual transformation.

Protea flowers can mean:

  • Courage

  • Diversity

  • Transformation

I learned about ABM NeuroMovement®, and CranioSacral Therapy because of the birth of my daughter with Down syndrome in 2006,  when we lived in South Africa. She was the gift of courage, diversity and transformation that led me to leave my work in human rights and development and find a new way to connect and work with people of all needs and backgrounds.

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