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What is NeuroMovement®?

What is Neuromovement?

The Anat Baniel Method® for NeuroMovement® is a science-based movement modality, based on the principles of brain plasticity, or neuroplasticity, brain's ability to change and adapt. NeuroMovement® uses this neuroplasticity to promote healing, rehabilitation and development Tapping into the brain's remarkable capacity to upgrade and change, enables adults and children to improve the quality of their lives. 

How does NeuroMovement® work?

Through gentle, innovative movement lessons, the brain forms new patterns and neural connections. The resulting reorganization can lead to a reduction in or elimination of aches and pains, and increases in strength, flexibility and creativity. NeuroMovement® lessons can lead your brain to reorganize your skeletal system and movements, bringing your body to a more optimal state.

In addition to offering natural pain relief, NeuroMovement® is useful to a wide variety of individuals, such as high performing athletes and artists, those in need of healing after traumatic brain injury and helping adults and children with special needs overcome their limitations by creating new neural connections.

Individual lessons are given to children and adults. To maximize learning, lessons are tailored to the individuals specific needs.


Transformational Movement Lessons (TML) are given in small groups and, through the use of variations, work with a particular movement or series of movements. TML group lessons typically run as a series over several weeks focusing on a particular theme, such as healthy necks, or the pelvic clock.

Movement is

the language of the brain and the mechanism through which we live, survive and thrive.

-Anat Baniel

Who can benefit from ABMNM®?
Nine Essentials

The Nine Essentials of NeuroMovement®

1. Movement with attention

Wake up to life

Movement is the language of the brain, and when done in an intentional way you bring attention to what you feel as you move. Moving this way enables your brain to form new connections, and new possibilities for transformation.


2. Slow

Delve into the feeling

Moving slowly captures your brain’s attention, stimulating your brain’s ability to form new neural networks. Fast, you can only do what you already know, but moving slowly offers the opportunity to overcome limitations and master new skills.


3. Variation

Explore the possibilities

Variation is at the core of learning. Through exploring what and how you do what you do, the brain creates new possibilities in your movement, thinking, and feelings.


4. Subtlety

The power of gentle

Reducing the force with which you move, think and feel, enables you to develop a greater sensitivity. This heightened sensitivity leads to fine tuning your perception of differences, and therefore ability to learn and transform.

5. Enthusiasm

Making room for the small to become great

Applying enthusiasm to how we move, and what we learn enables us to highlight the small things. Enthusiasm acts as an amplifier, grooving in new learning patterns and possibilities.

6. Flexible Goals

From the impossible to the possible

Hold your goals loosely. Embrace the unexpected steps and mis-steps along the way. Accept them as a wealth of information for your brain, culminating as possibilities along the way to achieving your goals.


7. The Learning Switch

Engaging with curiosity

When you feel safe and engaged your learning switch is on and all aspects of life become a wonderful adventure. The brain is either switched on or off to learning, and exhaustion, fear and stress turn off the switch. Turning on the learning switch offers the brain endless opportunities for transformation.


8. Imagination

Embracing creativity

Using imagination helps you transcend real and imagined limitations. Embracing your imagination and creativity opens up unthought of possibilities.


9. Awareness


Think of awareness as an action, a verb. When you are actively awaring you are fully present, and your brain is able to work and learn at its highest levels. Awareness and awaring are at the core of all learning and potential.

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