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My wife, Laura, and I spent a delightful six weeks in Nantucket this Summer.  One of the highlights was the time we spent with Priscilla Ryan Graham, a Practitioner of ABM NeuroMovement. 


Priscilla had lessons (how she referred to them) with us.  Her discipline helps improve the quality of lives by tapping into the brain's capacity to move beyond limitations and pain.  We found this remarkable and can't recommend Priscilla more highly.  She is very open and honest and we would suggest you reach out to her to see if she can help you.   FIVE STARS.


Priscilla helped me regain full movement in my wrist following a severe compound fracture while playing tennis. Her work shortly after my accident dramatically helped to reduce swelling (and eliminated other body pains from my fall). Priscilla also guided me through a visualization exercise on how to move my wrist again. She reduced my stress levels and sped up my recovery!


Priscilla's knowledge of the human body is amazing. I run through day-to-day life often feeling a bit crooked or out of alignment, and almost always have back or neck pain. Priscilla has a healer's eye and touch. She can rapidly assess the reasons for my discomfort and she can systemically work to re-align my body and reduce pain.  


After a year of working at my dining room table, I was suffering from debilitating back pain. I knew very little about ABM NeuroMovement therapy, but I was willing to try anything when I reached out to Priscilla.


Priscilla is an intuitive and thorough practitioner and she immediately put me at ease as she made gentle adjustments, explaining each step of her process. After the first two sessions with her my back pain was almost completely gone; further sessions have helped me increase mobility and stability. 


Every three months, like clock-work, my neck would go out of whack, and I could barely turn my head.  I would go to a traditional chiropractor - one that would address the acute problem with an adjustment, but not the underlying cause.  However, the pain would come back, and off I would go to get another adjustment.  After seeing Priscilla for a series of lessons, my neck pain ceased to exist. 


However, the neck pain was over five years ago, and I've been to the chiropractor exactly twice since (after I hurt myself chopping wood), but only because I had moved and wasn't able to see Priscilla.


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Priscilla began working with my daughter when she was less than a year old and was faced with a pronated leg and hip that were out of alignment that made it difficult for her to walk. 


After working with Priscilla, we could see the body loosen and adjust to gain proper alignment and created a natural gait in her walk.  With extremely gentle interaction, we were impressed by what an incredible difference that it made in our daughter! 


Highly recommend Priscilla for her intuitive approach to assessing the need and developing a plan that worked wonders!


On my first visit to see Priscilla, I wasn't sure what to expect. She explained that I was not there to get a treatment, I was there to have a lesson. A lesson that would help my brain to think differently about how to use my bones and my muscles.


Turns out, it was a lesson that I sorely needed! With her hands, she helped to create space and movement across my skeleton, starting with my rib cage and then throughout my body. I leave each lesson feeling more centered and balanced in my movement, and I can feel the impact this is having in my day-to-day wellbeing. Can't recommend Priscilla and her methods enough!!


My son is a client of Priscilla's. He is an athlete and chronic bone-breaker.


After weeks in a walking boot, Priscilla helped him fully recover by working on his alignment and mobility. The smile on his face following each of her treatments showed me the value of her work. 


-J's Mom

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